Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Keep Your Toy Poodles Groomed and Fluffy with a Classic Cut

One of the joys of having toy poodles is the fact they are so cute and seemingly luxurious; it makes toy poodle parents proud to stroll down the avenue with these gorgeous pets. To anyone who chooses to be the parent of a toy poodle with a classic cut, we advise you to expect to provide some special care and pampering.

Toy poodles are known for their beautiful hair, soft, fluffy and brilliant in color. Keeping that hair properly cleaned and groomed is highly important to the look and style of this particular breed of dog. Below, you’ll find some very specific tips and techniques from our friends at on how to keep your toy poodle looking like the star of the runway with a classic cut.

     If there are any kinks or knots in
your toy poodle’s hair, make sure to work them out with your fingers first, before washing. If you wet the hair first, it only becomes more tangled and more difficult to groom when it dries.

     Toy poodles need bathing on a regular basis; they do not shed, so the hair just keeps growing. So when it becomes soiled in any way, it’s time for a bath right away.

     Keeping a toy poodle’s hair cut and trimmed regularly is vital to good grooming. The hair is much less likely to become tangled if it is kept trimmed to its proper length.

     Use only high-quality nourishing shampoos on your toy poodle; shampoos that are good for the hair and skin. Moisturizing shampoos are great to keep their skin from becoming dry and irritated.

     Daily brushing is a vital part of keeping the hair fluffy; some prefer their poodles a bit shaggy and that too can look great, but for that light and fluffy look, brushing every day is required.

     Scissors should be used to trim the mane and shape the hair around the ears for a professional looking trim.

Considering the amount of joy and beauty this precious breed of dogs brings into our lives, washing them and keeping them looking clean, fluffy and fabulous should feel like far more of a privilege than a chore! Stay tuned for our next post, as we’ll be talking about how to keep your toy poodles groomed with a teddy bear cut!

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