Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What’s So Special About the Poodle Breed?

 When you’ve finally decided that you want to begin the search for a toy-sized companion, you’ll most likely realize fairly quickly that you have quite a few breed options to choose from. So what is it about the toy teddy bear poodles that will draw you in? Well for me, it’s pretty easy to think of a number of reasons right off the top of my head!

1.       To start with, poodles are extremely smart canines. In fact, the poodle is the second smartest breed, right behind the border collie. If you’re looking for a breed that is going to be fairly easy to train, a poodle would be the ideal choice for you.
2.       As you’ll find with all of our toy poodles, this breed is also extremely friendly and loyal. You will often find your pup lingering by your side, loving every second of human companionship – which is perfect, since I’m sure you’ll never want to let go of yours!

3.       We’ve mentioned this once before in our blog, but it’s worth noting just one more time; toy poodles are hypo-allergenic. If you manage to come across one that does shed, you’ll most likely find that it is very minimal. So if you tend to suffer from a dog allergy, it would be a great idea to look into your options with a poodle and save yourself the headaches and sneezing in the long run.

4.       The final reason that I believe that you need a toy teddy bear poodle? THEY’RE ADORABLE! With their small size, cute faces and fun haircuts, how can you possibly say no?

With all of these reasons and more, now is the perfect time to narrow down your search and get serious about bringing home a beautiful toy teddy bear poodle today! Give us a call for more information!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Poodle Puppy Litters Arriving Soon

Red Poodle Puppy
Due next week, Scarlet’s Fancy will be welcoming a new litter of red and apricot Toy and Miniature poodle puppies! If you have been thinking about a new addition to the family, a poodle puppy is a great option. Although they are often thought of as just a pretty face, poodles are smart, active and very obedient dogs.

The toy and miniature poodle puppies are that much cuter than a standard poodle, at least if you ask me. The red and apricot miniature poodles grow to be from 12 to 15 inches in height, whereas the toy poodles are generally around 10 inches tall. What makes them even cuter, is the teddy bear cut they get before coming home to you! (Check out our website to see some examples of the teddy bear poodle grooming style.)

Apricot Poodle Puppy Known for their energy, toy and miniature poodles are great for families with young children. A toy or miniature poodle puppy will not only add some life to your home, but it will get your children outside, playing and enjoying the outdoors, since poodles do need daily exercise. This, as we all know, is becoming more difficult with all the electronic toys on the market these days.

In addition to the litters due next week, we are also welcoming two new sires to our breeding stock. All four parents of our new sires are AKC Champions.

For more information about adding a red or apricot poodle puppy to the family, contact us today at 805-748-2095 or email me at