Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Picking the Best Name for your Toy Poodle

Just as a new parent will spend hours pouring over a baby name book for their child, a dog owner will take the naming of their new puppy just as seriously. Think about it; your pooch will most likely be by your side as often as possible and it won’t be long before you two become the very best of friends. It’s understandable that you’d want to give them a wonderful name to go by! But how do you choose?

First, it’s important to realize that there’s no pressure to decide right away. Don’t feel like you need to have a name ready and waiting to go as soon as you pick your new companion up for the first time. In fact, Shiba Shake, a terrific website dedicated to providing tips for caring and training dogs, would actually suggest that you hold off until you get to know him a little bit more. By doing this, you get a chance to see what kind of personality he has. The site also suggests observing your pup and seeing what he likes to do and where his energy levels lie. You may find that the name just comes to you!

Other ideas? Maybe you have a favorite character from a movie, TV show or book you’ve recently read. Some of the best and most popular dog names in recent years have come from owners who have used this method. In fact, the #1 most popular female dog name right now is Bella. Think that might have anything to do with the popularity of the Twilight Series?

Interested in learning which other names managed to top the list?

Most popular female dog names:                       Most popular male dog names:
1. Bella                                                                     1. Max
2. Daisy                                                                    2. Buddy
3. Molly                                                                    3. Jake
4. Lucy                                                                     4. Charlie
5. Maggie                                                                 5. Bailey

So now that you’ve got some ideas on where to start, we hope you’ll find the process to be a little bit easier! No matter which name you choose, be sure to give your pup the love and attention he deserves! And of course, let us know which name you’ve decided on once you get your beautiful toy poodle home; we’d love to hear from you!

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