Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Do Toy Poodles get Along with Cats?

Making the decision to bring a toy poodle into a home that is already occupied by a pet cat can be a little nerve wrecking to many people. There are so many stories out there that warn about bringing these two animals together under one roof because it’s simply impossible for them to get along. Well forget all of that! Cases of aggression between cats and dogs are purely situational and you shouldn’t let that scare you off from bringing a new furry child into your home!

The poodle breed is actually one of the most cat-friendly breeds there is, so nine times out of ten, you have nothing to worry about. Just to be on the safe side though, you may want to consider a little introduction before any big decisions are made. If you find a toy poodle that you are just absolutely in love with, find out if you can bring him home for a night to see how he interacts with your cat. You should be able to know immediately whether this is a good or bad idea. Keep in mind that one may just need some time to get used to having the other around all of the time.

I’ve actually come across a really sweet story recently about a Siamese cat and a toy poodle that have grown up together. When they were younger, the two pets had their own quarrels here and there but as they’ve gotten up there in age and the 14-year-old toy poodle has developed some serious tummy issues, the cat has taken on a nurse role. As Bridget the toy poodle curls up in her doggie bed for a little relaxation, SaLel the cat climbs in right next to her to offer some comfort and companionship. Years ago, trying to climb into Bridget’s doggie bed would have probably earned SaLel a warning growl, but now it seems to be a welcome relief.

It’s important to remember that even if your cat and dog get a little riled up sometimes, there’s a difference between playful fights and aggressive fights. As a naturally protective breed, your poodle will have an urge to protect his family, and that will include your pet cat as well once he gets used to the idea. It’s likely that over time, the two will even grow to care for each other just as much as Bridget and SaLel.

(Posted by Linda DeBlauw of Scarlet's Fancy)

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